Christy May, CEO
5 Independence Drive
Foxboro, MA 02035
774-215-5111 direct fax

Masters Degree in Communications from Boston University
Undergraduate Degrees in perception & motivation to action and bio chemistry

Channels 4, 5, 56 News Graphics Director, Promotion & Production
Cable TV Advertising and Promotions Director with CCI Continual Cablevision Inc. corporate over 100+ cable systems across the country
Trade Show Marketing and Promotion with the Interface Group - Promoters of COMDEX, FEDERAL DP Expo, DATACOM EXPOS and COMPUTER SHOWCASE Expos when success was connected with engaging constituent audiences
Publisher of diverse publications in all media from Track Talk, to Aloha Buy Lines Newsletter to distribution channels, to Broker Agent Magazine, to  online management of websites, discussion threads, blogs and digital media
DM Communications since the 80s. Direct mail to direct marketing to direct to the mark, to Digital Meetings to now digital me.
DM Communications works with Strategic Partners to deliver programs that work for you.  See our strategic parter page.